Device Management

PCLocs provide many storage and deployment solutions to suit your size and budget ranging from small 5 slot charging baskets to the larger Carrier 40 Carts.

If you have any enquires or have a purchase order contact us using this form at the bottom of the page so we can help you in solving your device management issues. Or email us  at [email protected]


Sync and Charge Solutions

IQ 16 Sync Charge Box

The IQ 16 Sync Charge Box allows you to sync and charge up 16 iPads or other compatible devices all at the same time. Designed with portability in mind with its lightweight and built-in handle for easy carrying, you are able to take it to where sync and charging is required.

You can purchase the box by itself or in a bundle with 4 5-slot carry baskets. View the product flyer for more information on the IQ 16 Sync Charge Box.

iQ 10 Sync Charge Station

Sync, charge, store and secure up to 10 iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini or other compatible Tablet devices.The LED Status Light feature allows you to keep track on which devices are syncing, charging and ready to go.

Featuring the 5-slot Baskets by PC Locs, the iQ 10 Sync Charge Station provides portability compared to the traditional cabinet. Perfect to store a small set of devices in the classroom while still having the ability to charge and manage them over USB. View the IQ 10 Sync Charge Station for more information.

IQ 20 Cart

Sync, charge, store, secure and transport up to 20 iPad®, iPad Air™ , iPad mini™ or other compatible Tablet devices. The IQ 20 Cart features LED status indicators which lights up to show you which iPads are charged, charging or syncing.

There is also the larger IQ 30 Cart that can work for larger device sets although does not feature the LED status indicators, it does support the older 30 pin Apple cable. View the product flyer for more information on the IQ 20 Cart and IQ 3o Cart.

Charging only Solutions


The CarryOn is an ultra-mobile charging station. It can charge, store, and carry up to five iPad or Tablet devices simultaneously in a compact, durable, and secure form factor. View the product flyer for more information on the CarryOn.

Carrier 20/30/40

The Carrier Cart can store, charge, secure and transport more types of devices than ever before. It’s a Chromebook Cart, Tablet Cart, iPad Cart… in fact, it’s an ‘everything cart’ in one neat package. The included Large Baskets by PC Locs makes device deployments faster, easier and safer. There are 3 versions of the carrier that can support 20, 30 or 40 devices. View the product flyer on the Carrier 20, Carrier 30 and Carrier 40 for more information.

Revolution 16 and 32 Cart

Designed with the teacher in mind, the Revolution Cart can store, charge, secure and transport 16 or 32 Laptops or Chromebooks (almost any size). It provides a secure method to store and charge a number of devices at once. The trolley also provides a one-time adjustable shelf to accommodate devices of almost any size. View the product flyer for more information on the Revolution 16 Cart and Revolution 32 Cart .


IQ 10 Charging Station

The IQ 10 Charging station allows you to store and charge 10 iPads or tablets at a entry level price without sacrificing the PCLocs build and quality. It is simple to setup straight out of the box and can be used with or without the PClocs baskets. The compact design also makes it easy to adapt to your surroundings. View the Product Flyer for more information on the IQ 10 Charging Station.

Revolution 32 Cabinet

The Revolution 32 Cabinet is a fixed storage solution for charging and security. It holds up to 32 laptops, chromebooks or tablet devices in a slim compact design for easier placement. The Cabinet features both the LED status lights and ECO safe charge so you can see which devices are charging without worrying about them overloading. View the Product Flyer for more information the Revolution 32 Cabinet.

Carrier Charging Station

The Carrier Charging Station series allows you to store and charge 10 or 15 devices in a secure fixed location. Its larger and taller design allows you to fit larger devices such as laptops and Chromebooks but can still be used with tablets. It comes in two variations being 10 or 15 slot stations which can either be desk or wall mounted. View the Product flyer for more information on the Carrier Charging Station.


Acrylic stand for iPad devices

Each stand holds 4 iPads and allows you to have the devices ready on the table for use in your classroom.

PC Locs Lighting to USB cables

Designed for Apple products with the lightning connectors. They come in either 300mm or 1200mm lengths to meet your needs. They’re compatible with all PC Locs iQ Range.

Carrier Device Racks

Designed for devices which may be too big for the PC Locs baskets, the Carrier Racks allow you to organise your devices in neat rows while stored in a cart or cabinet for easy access. They come in various different sizes, if your unsure which size you need please contact us and we can help sort it out for you.

PC Locs Baskets

PC Locs baskets are a universal carrying basket to help easily deploy your mobile devices. They come in two different sizes so make sure you order the correct one for your devices. To help you with picking the right size you can download the compatibility documents below or email us at [email protected] and we can help you out.

Have any questions? Have a look through the entire PCLocs catalogue then get in touch with us for your procurement needs.