Personal and Business Services

We offer a range of personal and business services aimed at providing technical support and solutions to various computing needs.

Technical support: We are available to provide remote and on-site technical support and assistance to help solve any computing issues you may be facing.

Customized PCs: We can build customized PC’s to meet your specific needs and requirements, including gaming PCs, personal PC’s, and business workstations.

Basic data recovery: If you have accidentally deleted important files or have experienced data loss due to a hardware failure, we can help you recover your data.

Website design and maintenance: We offer website design and development services to create a professional and functional website for your business or personal use.

PC & laptop repairs: We offer repair services for all types of desktops, laptops, and notebooks, including screen replacements, keyboard replacements, and hardware repairs.

PC & laptop upgrades: We can help you upgrade your computer components to improve performance, including RAM upgrades, hard drive upgrades, and graphics card upgrades.

Parts, hardware, and software reseller: We also sell computer parts, hardware, and software from top brands to help you upgrade or repair your computer.

We aim to provide comprehensive and reliable solutions to all your computing needs, whether personal or business-related.