Personal and Business Services

e-flo Computers Personal and Business Services

Onsite Technical Support

Rather than subjecting our clients to the inconvenience of disconnecting their computer and transporting it to our workshop, e-flo Computers will come to you! Our trained technicians can fix most problems onsite, saving you precious time and money. Whether it be a nasty virus infection, a crashed Windows installation or a faulty piece of hardware, our technicians will be able to get you back up and running in no time at all.

We also realise that there are some circumstances where it is both more convenient and more cost effective for you if we take the computer offsite to repair a problem. If we need to do this we will always discuss the problem with you before we collect the computer, and to ensure the very best customer service, in most cases the technician that collects you computer will be the technician that repairs it. Once the problem is resolved we will even deliver and reconnect the computer for you at no extra cost!

Design and Assemble Custom Desktop PC

At e-flo Computers we are able to tailor-make a computer based on your budget and requirements. All our computers use top quality components, and are sold at very competitive prices.

Basic Data Recovery

If you’ve accidentally deleted that report you spent hours preparing, or your hard drive has crashed taking all of your precious photos with it, don’t panic! In a majority of cases we are able to recover the data for you quickly and effectively, and significantly cheaper than a specialist data recovery centre.
For more serious mechanical or electrical failures e-flo Computers has partnered with a specialist Data Recovery Centre, who is happy to provide a free quote for the recovery of your data. And with their 90% recovery rate, you have the best chance possible at getting your data back.

Website Design and Maintenance

We understand the importance of having a presence on the internet, and that a well designed website can maximise your business exposure. With numerous web clients, including a number of schools and businesses, our web designers have the experience needed to create a website that is perfectly suited to your business. We work closely with our clients throughout the entire web design process, to ensure you end up with a website you are completely happy with.

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Networking Setup

Networks are an integral part of business, and even home, computing these days. The ability to access the internet, file shares, and printers across multiple computers is extremely beneficial. Our staff are able to design and install networks for both home and business, including supplying of networking equipment and cables. Also able to assist with upgrading an existing network to cope with increased demand as your business or school grows.

We are also able to assist you with setting up a broadband connection for your home and office. We can guide you through the process, helping you to select the right ISP and equipment for your connection. In addition, We are able to install and configure wireless networks, eliminating some of those unsightly cables.

Laptop Repairs

Has the screen on your laptop cracked, making it impossible to see? Or has your keyboard stopped working? Our staff are often able to replace these parts, saving you the cost and hassle of buying a new computer. We are also able to assist with upgrading the memory and hard drive of your laptop, prolonging it’s useful life.

Hardware and Software Resellers

e-flo Computers has access to all of the top hardware and software manufacturers, including Intel, AMD, Gigabyte, Kingston, Corsair, Microsoft, Logitech, Canon, HP, Asus, Antec, Coolermaster, and many more. Through our wholesalers we are able to get almost any components or peripherals for you, at a highly competitive price. Just ask our sales staff for more information on what’s available!