Need extra baskets or cables? Or maybe you want to replace damaged one, PC Locs sells all their parts and accessories separately and available for order through e-flo Computers. Send us a email at [email protected] or fill out our form below.


PC Locs Baskets


PC Locs baskets are a universal carrying basket to help easily deploy your mobile devices. They come in two different sizes so make sure you order the correct one for your devices. To help you with picking the right size you can download the compatibility documents below or email us at [email protected] and we can help you out.

PC Locs Lighting to USB cables

Designed for Apple products with the lightning connectors. They come in either 300mm or 1200mm lengths to meet your needs. They’re compatible with all PC Locs iQ Range.

Carrier Device Racks

Designed for devices which may be too big for the PC Locs baskets, the Carrier Racks allow you to organise your devices in neat rows while stored in a cart or cabinet for easy access. They come in various different sizes, if your unsure which size you need please contact us and we can help sort it out for you.

Acrylic stand for iPad devices

Stands hold 4 iPads and allows you to have the devices ready on the table for use in your classroom.